Polly Liontis


  • “Polly Liontis has had a tremendously beneficial effect on my life. As a Shiatsu Massage Therapist, she treated and alleviated my back pain and helped me with digestive issues. As a teacher, she introduced me to meditation and relaxation techniques which continue to help relieve my anxiety. As a book club leader, she diligently researched the material and helped us to explore the deeper meanings behind our personal development readings as she aptly facilitated many spirited conversations. As a coach, she posted valuable educational information on fitness, healthy eating and personal development, provided daily support, and inspired our group by her example. Last, but certainly not least, the combination of vibrations and sounds, singing bowls and chanting in her Gong Immersion Sessions with her partner have often transported me to a different level of consciousness. After each session, I have felt great joy and inner peace and have experienced improved sleep and reduced stress levels. Most of all, I appreciate all of the effort, hard work, and thoughtful preparation that Polly brings to the entire variety of her offerings. She is truly a beautiful, caring and spiritual healer and life guide. I am proud to call her my friend, and I ower her my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for improving the quality of my life.” – Beth S. (Accountant)