Polly Liontis


1)   4 Week Meditation Series – Thursdays, 9/6/2018 – 9/27/2018 (5:30 – 6:30)

at Evolution Yoga Glenview

Meditation is the practice of “attending to” the deepest, innermost dimension of our being. Join us for the inward journey as we cultivate stillness in the body, freedom in the breath, and calmness in the mind. We will explore specific breathing techniques, systematic relaxation of the body, mindfulness awareness meditation practices, and mantra meditation. Simple and joyful.
$90 for 4-week series, $25 to drop-in


3)   Explore Yin Yoga : Stillness on the Inward Journey – 9/22/2018 – (4:00 – 6:00 pm)

at Evolution Yoga Glenview

What exactly is Yin Yoga? Where does it come from? What does Yin mean? Is it “Yoga”? Even if you are a practitioner of Yin Yoga, you may not know much about its roots and what is at the heart of the practice. Whether you’ve never done Yin Yoga before, or whether you’re an experienced practitioner, we invite you to join Chuck Frenkel and Polly Liontis for a deeper exploration into this beautiful and meditative practice. Learn about the unique differences between “Yin Yoga” and “Yang Yoga,” and why they both have a place in the lexicon. Enjoy a practice and experience a guided meditation into the deep recesses of wisdom residing in the body.


4)  4 Week Yoga Nidra Series: Systematic Relaxation – Thursdays, 10/4/18 – 10/28/18 (4:00 – 5:30 pm) at Evolution Yoga Glenview

Rest deeply in “Yoga Sleep”, a state of alert awareness in a deeply relaxing physical practice. Guided imagery, nourishing breath practices, creating a clear intention, and traveling with conscious rotation of awareness through the body leads you into a restorative and peaceful relaxation – a much needed gift of quietude in our hectic, crazy lives.

For all of these offerings, go to: www.evolutionyogaglenview.com to register.