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fb_img_1445721397454The Mind… The Mind… The beautiful, terrifying Mind…

You know that experience when the mind is racing, out of control, dragging you along like a dog on a leash?

That’s your “Monkey Mind”. Yes, your Monkey Mind. And we all have it.

It’s the reptilian part of the brain, and it’s hard-wired for survival. It’s looking for the worst case scenario around every corner. And it’s FULL OF FEAR!!!!!

And it will get the better of you every single time unless you step away from it!

How do you do that?

Meditation. Yes, meditation. That dreaded practice that everyone knows they should do, but doesn’t want to.

Yes, the Monkey Mind resists meditation.

So we have to begin to watch it.

Yes, watch the resistance. Watch the flailing, and wailing, and worry, and fear.

Yes, step back, and watch it.

Become a witness to your mind, not a prisoner of it.

Easier said than done.

When we can step back, and gently watch the machinations of the Monkey Mind, we can hold those machinations with equanimity and begin to let all the flailing go.

Yes, there is inner peace to be found. And it’s always there. Just like that place at the center of a spoke of a wheel that is always still (even when the wheel is spinning), so the Soul is always there, constant, an ever present Awareness and Consciousness that we so often leave behind with our compulsion and fascination with the thinking mind.

So the choice is ours – to cultivate a relationship with the ever present Awareness and Consciousness, or let the Monkey Mind drive the chariot!

The choice is yours.

Meditation rocks.

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