Polly Liontis

Polly Liontis (Jumpstart Your Buddha!)

Welcome to Jumpstart Your Buddha – your online resource for everyday mindfulness.

Meditations to calm the Monkey Mind, Mantras to keep you focused, Quick and effective Self-Care Practices, Sound Healing,  East/West exploration, Energy Medicine Wisdom, and Eastern Philosophies to help guide you on the auspicious journey to your most authentic self.

This is the place for all things relevant about Eastern Philosophy transported to our Western Culture. And yes, I’m a Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Shiatsu Practitioner, Sanskrit Mantra Chanteuse, and a lover of Symbols, Archetypal Stories, and the explosive intersection where East meets West in Spiritual Exploration. I’m interested in anything and everything that speaks luminous health, abundance, and Jumpstarts Your Inner Buddha!

My aim here is to ignite your Laughing Buddha and help get you in your Zen Zone!

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life right now – I’ve got boatloads of personal practices to de-stress the body, focus the mind, and unleash your Inner Buddha’s carefree smiling spirit!

So hang on for the ride! Your Inner Buddha is waiting!!!!!!